A Humanitarian Revolution to Beat Covid-19, #Spirit of Self-Discipline Campaign

In an attempt to spread awareness about the strength of Self-Discipline & Self-Regulation to Beat the Pandemic by following the preventive measures and guidelines issued by the government, #Spirit of Self Discipline Campaign has been initiated by the Apexx Media (Brand Creators).

Poonam Mahajan, Director, Apexx Media (Brand Creators) call this campaign a Humanitarian Revolution, where the purpose is to make every citizen realize their responsibility and strength to stop the spread of Corona Virus and save the country from LIVES LOSS and ECONOMIC LOSS.

Dr. Arpita Mukherjee, Professor, Indian Council for Research on International Economics said, we are at a very tough time as individuals are suffering Economically & Mentally due to the pandemic Covid-19 hence it is of utmost importance to follow the government’s instructions. Moreover, we need to be prudent as a company as an individual and we need to ensure to have some savings to support our workforce for 2 to 3 months. It is very sad if we are not able to support the workforces who have worked for us for several years just because of pandemic for 2 to 3 months.  

Mr. Sohan Goenka, President, OFBJP, Hongkong supported the campaign and urged the nation to present the rare example of Humanitarian Revolution to the world by following the guidelines of government with discipline.

Chetan Bhardwaj, General Manager, Indian Direct Selling Association, As a nation we are going through a troubled time when everyone is worried about the future. In this uncertain situation Spirit of Self Discipline can be a guiding force. Remember Self Disciplined citizens are the biggest asset of any country. Hence let’s all stand by the government and follow the advisory by the government for the welfare of our nation.

Deepak Ramesh Gaur, LIMCA BOOK RECORD HOLDER, Known as Tree Man conveyed the message to the public that once his mistake of not following the traffic rules, put him in a state of COMA for months. Hence let’s not our lives fall prey to CORONA VIRUS by neglecting the norms of the government.

Pooja Dahiya Dhanker, Entrepreneur, Social Activist & Corporate Trainer said that our life is more important than losing it to a virus. So, I would request everyone to follow the Self-Discipline followed by the Safety Measures and Guidelines of Health Ministry.

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