A Revolutionary ‘All-In-One’ App for Social Empowerment

An Initiative for Social Empowerment- Beta version of Bitdle launched in Kochi

How about an app that helps identify an unidentified body through biometrics and facial identification technology? Bitdle, an application developed by a Kerala-based IT start-up, promises to offer this and much more.

Claimed to be a revolutionary all-in-one application, the developers regard it as a social digital assistance platform bringing together the features of hybrid social networking, search engine, social shopping, sharing economy, online reputation building, customer relationship management, data analytics, social service and entertainment with the lofty objective of social empowerment.

After seven years of research and development in IT labs across south India, Europe and East Asia, the beta version of Bitdle was launched here on Thursday with the full version being readied for simultaneous launch in India, Europe and East Asia in a few days.

“Its core competency will be its social commitment as it will not end up making its users just consumers killing time and other resources. We insist on environment sustainability and will earmark more than what is stipulated by law for our corporate social responsibility initiatives,” said Abimanyu S., managing director of Bitdle Integrated Technologies.

The company targets a sales revenue of ₹129 crore in the first financial year of operation with an employment generation of 5,700, with 275 jobs at its main office in Kochi alone. The company is also aiming to generate ₹1.03 crore through the sale of 13,000 devices powered by the Internet of Things by 2021.

Bitdle targets people in the age group of 18 to 35 while it claims to be ideal for businesses of any size from start-ups to big corporates. Mr. Abimanyu said the company was General Data Protection Regulation-compliant as per the EU standards and would process data accumulated only in the parent country.

Shaji A.V., Director, said Bitdle would come in handy for everyday transactions which were increasingly turning digital. “For instance, a person’s medical history can be stored and accessed by doctors and partially by labs while biometric data can be used to find missing persons. Emergency support services such as repairs of automobiles and applications can also be accessed using this application,” he said.

Mr. Abimanyu, however, said that access to personal data or biometrics, or exposure to targeted marketing by companies would be solely based on user permission.

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