Czinger 21C Hypercar Aims To Deliver ‘Revolutionary Technology’

The “groundbreaking” hypercar has an “iconic design” and offers “dominating performance.”

We’re going to be brutally honest and admit the company “Czinger” doesn’t ring a bell whatsoever. Based in Los Angeles, California, Czinger Vehicles Inc. aims to take the hypercar scene by storm with the unveiling of the 21C at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. The company uses some rather big words to describe its product, saying it’s a “groundbreaking hypercar with an iconic design and dominating performance.”

Not only that, but the 21C has apparently been created by “21st century artisans” tasked to develop a “revolutionary hypercar fit for the 21st century.” Marketing speak aside, the car does look pretty interesting with its prominent wheel arches and a gargantuan rear wing made from carbon fiber. Also at the rear, we notice a full-width LED strip, a center-mounted exhaust system, and an aggressive diffuser.

Gallery: Czinger 21C hypercar

Technical details are shrouded in mystery at this point, but Czinger does say the 21C is equipped with a hybrid powertrain developed in-house. The new hypercar promises to combine “advanced components constructed using novel technologies” with “cutting-edge chassis and bespoke structures to pioneering high-performance components. Not only that, but the CA-based company is the first one in the business to “develop novel additive manufacturing technologies to devise a groundbreaking hypercar.”

Again, these are some bold claims coming from a company most of us have never heard of, but we do have to admit we’re eager to see the 21C in full. The official premiere will take place on March 3 when Czinger will showcase how its vehicle represents a “paradigm shift in the way performance vehicles are conceived”.

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