Kid falls off running car survives miraculously. Shocking video shared by IPS officer

A video that’s made its way to Twitter highlights the importance of child safety locks when travelling with kids. The video shows the scary moment a child falls out of car and misses being run over by an oncoming vehicle by mere seconds.

The video, originally shared on YouTube on December 26, was captured on a surveillance camera in Kerala. It has been shared on Twitter by IPS officer Pankaj Nain who has posted it with an important message about child safety as well as road safety.

The clip, 31-seconds-long, shows a car taking a sharp turn on a meandering road. Suddenly, the car’s door flings open and a child stumbles out of the moving vehicle on to the road. Thankfully, all the vehicles on the road – including a bus and a bike – stop promptly and the child misses being badly hurt by inches.

“Child lock and child seats are very important when travelling with children. Check that all doors are closed properly, and child lock is on. Always make children sit in a child restraint seat. All kids won’t be as lucky as this one,” reads the post on Twitter.

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