Let’s Rejuvenate During Lockdown !

Hi there, I am sure you all are doing well and keeping yourself safe and healthy in this quarantine period.

I think first time in our lives we are seeing a period where everyone is going through the same phase globally. Although we have come together in this due to a pandemic, yet, it’s a sight to be globally connected and united isn’t it ?

I hope you are keeping yourself occupied with various work and activities in this lockdown period, however after few days we find ourselves depressed, with a sense of loneliness.

So here I am to discuss some ways, where you can make the best of this time at home to REJUVANATE yourself and bring out the BEST YOU.

MEDITATE – I know everybody advises gyan around meditation, but still it remains the best exercise ever to center yourself. Meditation not only helps you to calm and relax, but also makes you ready to face any situation and remain calm in difficult times. Meditation does not means, you have to sit hours, focusing on nothing. Only 10- 15 minutes a day can do the trick. It also does not mean you have to stop thinking. It simply means, you do not react to thoughts which come to you while meditating. Slowly and gradually, you will be able to control thinking as well. So start meditating!!!

DECLUTTER – De –cluttering is a very fulfilling exercise and is a big step in rejuvenating and self-healing. I am sure you are as it is taking extra care of your place and cleaning diligently, but de-clutter means remove the clutter as well. Look around you and remove all that which has not been used for more than 6 months now, because if these haven’t been used in 6 months they will not

be used further as well, so look around and remove clothes which are kept in anticipation of getting fitter one day, unused gadgets, exhausted batteries, wires, chargers, utensils with broken handles, or unusable in some way. And yes your phone and PC, those more than 1000 pics/ videos/ files etc that will never be looked again, remove them all. The idea is to let go. The easier is you are able to let go of these things from your life, the easier will be for you to attract new positive things in your life.

ORGANIZE – Organize your day. Being at home does not means, you do not follow a schedule. As when you have your offices or schools open your day is scheduled and timed to a second. However, these days, with no offices and schools to go, we often fall in the trap of laziness and sleep routines. Now, it is perfectly ok to skip the routines sometimes, but if we continue this way, not only we will become lethargic and gloomy, we will not be able to do our daily chores even. So organizing your day is very important during lockdown. You can have a relaxed routine, but have at least one.

EXERCISE -Now this is something everyone out there is trying to do during lockdown, waiting for some miracle to happen, and emerge in perfect shape after lock down is removed. At least I’mJ. But yes apart from hoping that you can lose weight magically, exercises help to release toxicity from our body. It helps to release dopamine, a hormone which keeps us positive and helps to elevate our happiness. Even a simple walk, helps to bring a considerable mood shift. So get started!

SLEEP -Yes you read it right! Adequate sleep is a must to rejuvenate our body, mind and soul. As much we think that we are sleeping sufficiently, yet sound sleep, even for lesser hours makes you keep fresh and helps you to revive your body cells and in turn revives you. I always suggest playing some nice relaxing music while sleeping which can heal and rejuvenate you while you sleep. It can be at a minimalistic sound level, yet it will still work. Try YouTube!

I am sure you will find these techniques helpful, stay safe and keep healthy. Happy quarantine!

Take care. Stay safe. Stay together.


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