PM Modi – 21day Nationwide lockdown to combat coronavirus

PM Modi announces 21-day nationwide lockdown to combat coronavirus.

Deaths from the coronavirus pandemic have topped 17,000 across the globe, according to an AFP tally. The count of coronavirus cases in India have crossed 500, including 9 deaths. Complete lockdowns have been announced in almost every state in the country. PM Modi will address the nation for the second time in two weeks.

The government deferred deadlines for filing tax returns, extended a tax amnesty program and unveiled other relief steps, while promising more measures to support the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.“We are very close to coming up with an economic package which will be announced sooner rather than later,” said Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman at a press conference in Delhi.India, Asia’s third-largest economy, is under pressure to boost spending to fight the economic fallout of the pandemic that’s infected close to 400,000 people globally and 519 in India and brought normal life to a halt. 

Citizen across India Observed a self-imposed curfew Sunday, a day when the country’s borders were also sealed temporarily to international flights aimed at limiting the spread of the virus.

Addressing the nation for the second time on the epidemic, the prime minister said that the nationwide lockdown will be just like a curfew.

“If you won’t follow this lockdown for 21 days then your family may face setback of 21 years, some families will be devested forever,” the PM said.

PM Modi said that the lockdown will etch a Lakshman Rekha outside everyone’s house, which must not be crossed. “Forget about leaving your house for next 21 days, stay where you are,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the only solution to control the spread of novel coronavirus is social distancing.

“If you want to tame the spread of the virus, the only way to do it is to break the cycle of transmission by practicing social distancing,” the prime minister said while addressing the nation for the second time on the epidemic.

The PM dispelled the belief that social distancing should be adopted only by those affected by the virus. “Social distancing is not just for the sick, but for each and every person, including you, your family and even your family.”

“Coronavirus took 67 days to reach the first one lakh people and only 11 days to reach the next one lakh. What’s more frightening is that his disease took just four days to reach from two lakh to three lakh,” the PM said.

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