Promising Solution to Pollution.. Bharat Mobi EV Retrofitting Technology

New Delhi: 14th Nov 2019

In an initiative to provide sustainable solution to the biggest crisis of Air Pollution in National Capital, Bharat Mobi, an EV startup company has launched a revolutionary technology of EV conversions in Delhi on 14th Nov 2019.

Delhi is fighting the toughest battle in terms of pollution. And EV retrofitting or conversions can be the best choice in every individual’s capacity to contribute for a pollution free India. The company is in talks with the Delhi govt to seek support.

The start-up demonstrated and displayed their converted Electric Sedan at the launch event. And a lot of visitors have engaged with the vehicle.

AKBAR BAIG, Automotive Engineer, CBO, BharatMobi, a very young entrepreneur and his team developed this technology for Business to Costumer Segment. Akbar has represented India twice at FS Germany, World’s toughest Engineering Design Competition. Explaining about the Business Akbar Baig said that, “BharatMobi offers EV Retrofitting/conversions as a sustainable solution to Delhi’s AIR Pollution. Now you can drive your own car without a single drop of fuel. With Retrofitting Kit your car becomes a pollution free, gearless, noiseless vehicle. It can escape you from the stringent emission norms. This technology enhances the energy security, reduces the carbon power generation mix and prevent the greenhouse gas emissions. This kit goes perfect with a wide range of cars and offers a smooth, efficient and fuel-free drives.

ASHHAR AHMED SHAIKH, CTO said that, “We at BharatMobi have formulated a standard EV Conversion kit that can electrify a  large number of vehicles with an Aim to produce efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable electric vehicles. We can do so by converting conventional petrol/diesel cars into Zero Emission Electric Vehicles. We have converted hatch backs and sedans. Our Kit Components are certified and we can retrofit many other models with the same kit to provide an acceptable range to the customer. We are overwhelmed with the response we got from our well-wishers. And are eager to share our experience and the potential impact we can create in making the EV adoption at the fastest pace with the support of Government to solve traffic congestion, air pollution and vehicle scrapping issues.

We are open to taking up pre-orders for the conversions. The company is also open to take up customized conversion projects for vintage and classic cars as well. We are glad to share that one of our ongoing projects is Ford Mustang 1969 Model.

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