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Revolutionary Digital-Intellectual Tool- Corepeelers

Corepeelers Digi Intellect Tool is an experiential methodology that comes in the form of Software Tool. It uses self-analysis technique to analyse mental health condition: Achal Sharma (AC)

Working on a revolutionary First Ever Digital Intellectual Tool-COREPEERLS, Achal Sharma (AC), International Life Coach and Motivational Speaker has come up with a promising solution of Health Epidemic of 21st Century, Stress & other psychological conditions.

The highly innovative Corepeelers Tech-Intellect Tool is one of its kind, first-ever Digital Intellectual Tool designed for individuals, business professionals, students, women considering their intellect and stress level. This tool is available at COREPEELERS.COM

Corepeelers Foundation

While addressing a workshop on Corepeelers Digital Intellectual Tool for Stress Management, Achal Sharma, AC, International Life Coach & Social Scientist, innovator of Corepeelers Digi-Intellect Tool explained that while dealing with the stress epidemic through the traditional way of treatment, we are actually dealing only with the symptoms not the core of the condition. In point of fact via traditional and alternative therapies we tend to remove only the external layer of stress or pouring it deep inside by medication. Whereas with self-assisted COREPEELER DIGI INTELLECT TOOL the user himself root out the Stress or Depression.

The mind is the predominant organ of the human body; it controls and affects everything because mind and body are interrelated. Hence, we need to treat the core of the condition, not the symptom. There is a very simple formula for this, Thought plus influencing layers plus circumstances is equal to Brain(Intellect), informed Achal Sharma.

The Corepeelers Digi- Intellect Tool based on Rational Science is the first-ever technological method, promote the idea that nobody else or no medication can treat your psychological disorders. It’s You and Only You… Who can feel your pain and relieve it out. You can provide yourself with the best solution to all your problems. COREPEELER DIGI- INTELLECT TOOL acts as a self-assisted guide to treat the stress.

Achal Sharma, International Life Coach & Social Scientist informs You were born with immense powers as an individual however multiple layers that have been put upon you by your own self, your parents, your religion, your culture, society, friends and peers have made you distanced from your own Power. CorePeelers Digi Intellect Tool is an experiential methodology which helps you to De-layer, Discover, and De-Code the YOU within you. It empowers you to make you stronger in all facets of your existence.

With a global vision in mind, AC has registered a non-profit organization with the name ‘CorePeelers Foundation’. This foundation will primarily work towards helping people to connect with their own selves and make them empowered to deal with all situations in their lives and further achieve their desired goals. CorePeelers Foundation shall also work to develop a global workforce which can help the society in dealing with various natural and man-made calamities.

The foundation already has the support of eminent people from the global society who are playing their part to take this ideology to other parts of this planet. Starting from India, the foundation will grow to United States of America, Europe and Australia in the next 2-3 years.

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