True Leader Knows How to Deal with Crisis and Revive: Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma, Managing Director, HECT INDIA has been dealing in Event Management Industry for the past 14 years. Gaurav has been instrumental in the success of a multitude of events from small to large scale. Since the Covid-19 Crisis has badly affected the event management industry, Gaurav, a true entrepreneur and leader are well versed in dealing with the challenges and making the way out of the crisis for survival and growth.

He started the Eco Sanitizers venture (https://ecosanitizers.in/) during Lockdown and within a short span of time ECO Sanitizers has become one of the best sanitizing companies in India.

Gaurav Sharma said, “I believe there is always an opportunity lies in every crisis situation, the need is to have a perception to make a way out. The onset of the Pandemic Crisis has opened the way for multiple products and services in the healthcare sector. Eco-Sanitizer has been initiated keeping the market requirements in the view.

New infections will keep emerging even more in the coming future because of the consequences arising from messing with Mother Nature. The human being has stopped appreciating Mother Nature and stopped giving priority to our existence over luxury. To achieve the goal of luxury the human being is polluting and contaminating the environment with deadly chemicals.

Hence, the Sanitization of House, Office, School, College, Hospitals, and other business and social amenities has become the must follow the hygiene process. At Ecosanitizers we offer highly professional sanitization services keeping the quality standards and safety as our top priority.”

Gaurav’s clients come from the government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors, across a broad range of industries including education, health, science, and engineering. His commitment to achieving goals, meeting deadlines, and delivering client satisfaction is integral to making every activity he works on, so successful.

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