YouTube launching ‘New to you’ feature for Android: Here is what we know

YouTube is introducing a ‘New to you’ section for Android users. Here is what it means

YouTube is introducing a ‘New to you’ section for Android users, as reported by 9to5google. The feature will enable users to discover new content based on watching preferences. YouTube’s new section will offer suggestions in the top carousel just under the app bar on YouTube for Android. This will allow users to explore content that is ‘outside of the typical recommendations’ that they typically see on their home feed.

According to the report by 9to5Google, the ‘New to you’ section will offer suggestions that differ from what we have come to expect from the home feed. This will allow you to discover new content on the platform based on user viewing preferences. The ‘New to you’ section will show up as a first option in the carousel if there is a new recommendation for you. On the other hand, if there is no new recommendation, then the ‘New to you’ tab shows up as the last option in the Explore carousel on top of the app.

As per the report, though the user liked watching late-night shows, the ‘New to you’ section recommended a different late-night show from what the user usually watched.

On desktop, Google will show prompts if the user has scrolled down the homepage but hasn’t found anything interesting to watch. It is important to note that this is different from the Explore feed which offers content based on categories like gaming, beauty, and trending. ‘New to you’ feed is said to be more personalised than the existing discovery capabilities.

YouTube is working on various other features as well. YouTube is expected to start its pilot testing in relation to a new feature that will allow viewers to shop for products directly from livestream videos. The feature will first be launched with just a handful of creators and brands.

YouTube is also introducing a new remote control layout for Chromecast users. It shows a new layout after the video ends, and offers volume and voice search options as well.


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